Our Unique Services.

Our Unique Services are basically for Children

We operate a day-care based model which allows parents to bring their children with Cerebral Palsy to the Cp Center in the morning and take them in the evening. With the children in the center, we provide therapies and support according to the specific presentations of each child.

Cp Center also provides accommodation for children whose parents reside in distant locations.

Lifestyle Support

Children in CpCenter are trained on lifestyle techniques to improve their functionality and lessen the burden on parents and caregivers such as sitting, feeding and toilet training. These trainings improve the quality of life of children under our care because they develop better spatial alignment, eat better as well as develop the ability to eat a variety of foods and become continent.

Special Therapy

Cp Center has six trained alternative therapists, a Physiotherapist and a volunteer occupational therapist. The children are assessed when they are accepted and their individual presentations determine the most appropriate therapy.

Therapies provided include Physiotherapy and Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation (ABR)


We understand that therapy must be constant and consistent before good progress can be made; as a result we started a live-in program for children whose parents reside in distant locations and cannot meet up with our acceptance criterion of 85% attendance.

These children are transferred to our accommodation facility after close of work where caregivers takeover their upkeep till the next day.

Healthcare Support

Cp Center partners with professionals and consultants in several fields of medicine and health institutions to facilitate provision of high quality medical services to children under our care in both normal and emergency situations.


Parents can bring their children with CP to the center in the morning and take them home after work. This model of operation permits many parents who could not work prior to enrolling their children into the center to seek gainful employment.

Siblings who sometimes assume the role of caregivers and could only attend schools on alternate days are freed of the obligations and resume regular school.

Information And Counselling

Parents and caregivers of children living with CP in our society often lack information about the condition; they are often ignorant of the causes, prognosis and management. Without the motivation gained from knowledge, they abandon these children or exclude them from their lives.

At the center, these parents are counselled, they are helped to accept the incurability of CP and guided through to progressive thinking; how to improve the quality of life of their children, how to manage the condition, how to integrate the child into the community and so on.

Hundred of parents and caregivers have benefitted from this service.


Hundreds of children have been brought to Cp Center by parents and caregivers who we cannot offer respite or accommodation for either of two reasons; the center is filled to capacity and/or parents reside in distant places and cannot afford to maintain constant attendance.

But we maintain a policy of attempting to improve the quality of life of any child with CP brought to Cp Center even when we cannot accept that child. Therefore these children are assess, their parents and caregivers then receive training in the techniques required to manage their presentations.

We also train caregivers in similar organizations who work with children with disabilities on techniques of some therapies provided in Cp Center.

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