What Cpcenter does

A. Provision of Therapies, Care, and Accommodation

We provide specialized therapy (Advanced Biomechanical Rehabilitation), care and accommodation to children with CP. These services are categorized into three, namely 1. Day services 2. Boarding services 3. "Extended support" services

1. Day Services

This is modeled after the traditional daycare system or the school model system whereby children are brought in the morning by their parents/caregivers while they go to work/daily activities, then come back and pick their children at 4.00pm. The children are given therapies and care. This service is open between 9 am and 4 pm weekdays only.

2. Boarding Services

The boarding facility is for children whose parents live far from the center, who due to distance are not able to go home every day. Some of these children go home every weekend. There are children whose mothers are dead, such children do not go home often as there may not be anyone to give them adequate care. We also have abandoned children (abandoned in the hospital) who the government brought to the center. The Center is home for such children.

3. The “Extended Support” Services

This service is for families who due to different reasons cannot come to the Center daily or put their children in the boarding facility but still need the support of the center. We provide support for such families by offering training on how they can better take care of their children. Such support may include training the principal caregiver on the therapy the Center does (ABR Therapy) and material support.

ALL our services are free so that every family irrespective of social standing can benefit

B. Raising Awareness

Through various activities, CpCenter raises awareness of CP to the public. Some of these activities include yearly awareness charity walk and public lecture in March, organizing and participating in yearly World CP Day events, publication of magazine (Cperson) and flyers.

C. Counselling

With our hands-on experience of nine years and trainings, we give counsel to families. Often, at diagnosis, many families are at a loss as what to do and how to best support their children. Through our counsel channel, a lot of families have better understanding of CP and how better to care for their children. We hold their hands to help them reach the acceptance station where they are not just at peace with themselves but are eager to find ways to support their children.

D. Advocacy

We also advocate for policy changes that will benefit people with CP and people with disabilities in general.

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