.::WELCOME To CpCenter, Nigeria::.

How we came to be

What is CpCenter today is the result of Nonye Nweke’s (the founder) journey to motherhood.
Chizimuzondu was adopted as a six-day-old baby. She gave so much joy to her mother (still does), Nonye, who adopted because she did not have a baby of her own but says she had so much love to give. However, she noticed after a couple of months that Zimuzo was not developing appropriately; she was not achieving her developmental milestones

Our Vision

A world in which individuals with Cerebral Palsy are fully integrated into society.

Our Mission

Positively impacting the future of every child with Cerebral Palsy by providing support, respite, parental empowerment and by educating the public.

Our Goal

To be at the frontline and cutting edge in providing support, services and therapeutic modalities to children with Cerebral Palsy.

our Core Values







Our Unique Features

* We respond accordingly to the unique needs of each child under our care.

*  We have established an efficient network for creating awareness and improving understanding and acceptance of this condition.

* We advocate for early intervention as well as provide services and therapies for children with Cerebral Palsy.

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